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NEW! First direct flight from Manila to Camiguin

We are very excited to announce that`s getting easier and easier to reach our dream island Camiguin.

Starting May 6, 2019  SkyJet will add a new route to its program and is flying directly from Manila to Camiguin.

In only 80 minutes the British Aerospace 146 series 100 (or Bae-146), an 80-seater short-haul-aircraft will bring you from Manila to your dream destination Camiguin. The aircraft is one of the most notable in the world, making it the jet plane choice of major airlines.

The Bae-146 has extra cargo space, perfect for checking-in diving gear and other large baggage.

May & June 2019 SkyJet airlines will serve this new route on
Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
From July 2019 onwards there will be a daily flight.

Have a look on their website for special promo rates:

SkyJet Promo FLYER

What am I?

what am i head


"What Am I" Was the title of a popular German quiz show in the 70s. But "What's that?" is one of the most frequently asked questions in our resort. The question of the origin of the logo of Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort.

2011 05 2 058  2011 05 2 061

It is not the map of Camiguin, the face of an old man or any other abstract painting, but of course as a dive resort, a fish. Exactly a "Juvenile Platax Pinnatus" a cub of the Dusky Batfish.
The special thing about batfish is that the kittens look completely different from the adult fish. The young Platax Pinnatus is brown to black and surrounded by an orange hem. It is believed that this colour imitates a poisonous flatworm. Adult batfish have a more discus-like shape and are silver-gray with slightly dark gray vertical bands.

2011 05 2 179  Platax Pinnatus VB

The decision for this logo was made after the very first dive in 2011, when Gabriel & Sabine wanted to test out what the future house reef will do.
At that time, they fought their way through the thicket of the still undeveloped terrain, all the way to the sea, with full diving gear. Immediately after the descent, they were greeted by the first batfish. The dive was a complete success and they were thrilled with the topography and biodiversity of the offshore reef.

Thus, the decision was made, here we build ours
"Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort" and the logo became the juvenile Platax Pinnatus. Of course, batfish are still permanent inhabitants of our house reef, which has since been included in Camiguin's list of protected dive sites.

Logo VolcanBeach

VILLA VOLCAN Backpacker Hostel

Villa Volcom


Just a few minutes from the ocean front and only 800 m from our main resort, you can find our NEW VILLA VOLCAN Backpacker Hostel.

Our additional cozy rooms are very popular with backpackers, travellers and those looking for an authentic place to stay on Camiguin. Set at the slope of 2 amazing Volcano’s, “Mt. Hibok-Hibok “and “Old Vulcano” amongst a tropical garden, landscaped with Coconut Palm Trees, Bougainville, Kalamansi trees, bird of paradise, Orchids and many other tropical flower, you will find clean, quiet and restful rooms.

VILLA VOLCAN offers 3 spacious Backpacker rooms, equipped with:

  • Queen size Bamboo double bed
  • private bathroom with toilette & shower
  • electric fan
  • mosquito net
  • seating area with bamboo furniture
  • wardrobe
  • linen and towel

VILLA VOLCAN Facilities:

  • FREE big kitchen with fridge and gas stove & kitchen gear
  • cosy living area with comfortable Hammock
  • Bamboo lounger
  • relaxing Garden
  • parking area


  • Help with transfers from airport or sea ports of Camiguin
  • Motorbike rental
  • we can arrange any ECO-tour, SNORKELING or DIVING around our dream island for you
  • FREE use of all facilities of our main resort just a few minutes away (800 m) Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort

VILLA VOLCAN Prices & Policies:

Opening PROMO Rate:

  • daily rate per room for 2 person 1,000 Php
  • weekly rate - 10% discount
  • monthly rate - 20% discount

Check-IN: 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Check-OUT: 7 a.m. - 12 a.m
at the reception of Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort

Everybody ready for some DIVING & ECO-TOURS?

new boat 2016


Our brand-new Suzuki Super Carry Jeppny is sure ready for you.
Whether for marvellous Sightseeing Tours around beautiful Camiguin, Day trips to awesome Mantique Island Nature Park, or for fantastic Dives from the Beach & Shore of our dream island, this is definitely the best, comfortable & amazing mode of transport.


Do it the Island Style!

A new Milestone in the history of Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort!

new boat 2016


On March 15, 2016 we launched our NEW  DIVE  BOAT! all started with a dream....

The dream of a proper dive boat without the typical outrigger, BUT very comfortable for relaxed DIVING, with easy entrance of the water and a robust leader to come out of it, based on a model of the Dive-boats “Flukkas” we operated during our many years in Egypt.

Thus combined with:

  • the power & knowledge of nearly everything,  from our good friend Dodong Sagrado, who was the foreman while building the resort before
  • his perfect place for boat building, directly on the beach, close to our resort
  • ready to use mahagony & acacia wood
  • the brothers Abello & Winston Dahang, who are excellent local boat builder in the 3rd generation already
  • Faustino Calamba, Santi Malaque & Juner Bangot, great painter & welder... all from Camiguin
  • Bomex a striking local artist, known for superb free hand lettering & drawing
  • and many helping hands of the fisher folk from Yumbing, who helped to launch our new dive boat

Thank you so much to everybody who made this dream comes true!