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Macro & Muck diving at its finest

That all the Philippines Islands are a divers paradise for Macro diving is well known already.
And when you hear about Muck diving, you initially think about Papa New Guinea, Indonesia with Ambon, Lembeh Strait, Komodo, Bali or Anilao & Batangas in the Philippines.

So we are happy and proud to introduce and ad now CAMIGUIN as another incredible Muck-diving-destination.

But what is this all about Muck diving, which make the Underwater-Photographer hearts leap for joy. The term comes from the type of environment. Muck dive sites often have a muddy, sandy bottom or large sand patches with areas with a lot of vegetation like sea gras. The rich volcanic sand areas here on Camiguin are great for muck diving, as are shallow areas with rubbish, natural or manmade. They sure make a cool home for any bizarre creature.

Camiguin offers dive sites where you can spend hours in the shallow water, with your nose just centimetre over the ground finding any type of wondrous creatures like:
Sea moth, ghost pipefish, countless nudibranch, seahorses, flying gurnards, snake eels, frogfish,  shrimps of all kind, different species of crabs and and and.......

And if you are not a Macro & Muck diving enthusiast yet, give it a try, it will open a complete new world of fantastic diving for you.

But now, let´s have a closer look about some of this hard to find underwater inhabitants, which Harry & Steffi, who worked many years in the diving business in Bali, captured with the camera on their Camiguin visit this time. They are both World Champion in finding even the smallest critter and already caught by the spell of Camiguin....”Come again” & again & again.....