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Island in the Sun

Mantigue Island

Snow white, powdery, soft, sand beach
Palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze
Lush green tropical forest inland
Brightly shining Sun from the azure blue sky
The sea gleams in all shades of emerald green, blue & turquoise
Cristal clear water with a living coral reef and an abundant fish live

Can you imagine this breathtaking scenery?

With pleasure we can make this unforgettable adventure true for you and here it is....
Mantique Island, this little stunning islet of 4.4 hectares is one of the 7.107 islands in the Philippines and lies about 3.2 km in the south-east of the island Camiguin.
Visiting Mantigue Island is a must during your stay on Camiguin.
Whether it´s for Diving, Snorkelling, Swimming, Relaxing or is in any case a true paradise island.

The mushroom-shaped island inhabited in the north by fisher folks and the inland landscape consists of lush green forest. The south-west coast is the popular area with a pristine beach of soft, white sand and the marine sanctuary, where boats are not allowed, fishing is prohibited and the corals are undamaged and just awesome!

For the trip to Mantigue Island we get together around 8:30 a.m. in the resort and start into the day with a small island tour to the port of Mahinog. On the way we drive through the capital of Camiguin, Mambajao, passing local villages and amazing rice fields. The whole ride we enjoy the view to the sea and the sky scraping volcanoes. Arrived at the port, the local outrigger boat, also called “banka”, waits for us and we start the approx. 20 minutes boat ride to Mantigue Island. On the way there you can see already the clear, turquoise waters and you think you're en route to one of the Maldives Island and when you look back you have a stunning view over to Camiguin with its majestic volcanoes.

After landing on Mantigue Island we get ready for exploring the underwater life by diving or snorkelling. Descend into the crystal clear waters with at first sandy bottom, sea grass, loads of anemones in every colour and plenty of reef fishes – very special are there the blue anemones with orange clown fishes. At the edge of the buoy line out to the sea is a drop off where you can find schools of trevally, huge turtles, parrot fish, bat fish, snapper, sweetlips, frogfish, trumpet fish and many, many more. Even Eagle rays we have seen on several dives. We highly recommend Mantigue Island for diving, snorkelling or relaxing in the sun.

And for lunch we bring delicious food and drinks and enjoy our picnic in the shade under the surrounding trees. After the boosting snack and before we our next dive, you can explore the inland of Mantique Island on a bamboo walkway through the tropical forest.

Locals call Mantigue Island also Magsaysay Island – Ramon Magsaysay was the third president of the Republic of the Philippines and he was beloved by the people. After his death in 1957, the Ramon Magsaysay Award foundation was called after him and given to Asian leaders who have shown greatness of spirit and selfless service that Ramon Magsaysay exemplified in his short public life. He stood for service for the folk, honesty and people called him the “big man”. So, no wonder that Mantigue Island is also beloved like this former president.

In the earlier days, turtles used the shores of Mantigue Island frequently and still they are using it as a breeding place. The island was declared as alienable and disposable land in the eighties, which meant it could be titled and sold as real estate. At this time many fishing families lived there and turtles disappeared from the shores.  End of the nineties its status was changed to forest land, with the meaning it could not be permanently inhabited by humans. The total resident population grew up to 300 and in 2008 the local government began a concerted effort to relocate the families living on the island, in order to preserve its environment and make it more attractive for the public.

Since that are only a few fishing families allowed for living permanently on the island, turtles are coming back to the shores for breeding, the marine sanctuary was established & the island got protected..

After a wonderful, marvellous, outstanding, superb, pleasing, splendid, beautiful, brilliant and all other synonyms for this word... day, it’s time to head back with our banka to the shores of Camiguin and when you turn round, you sure will have the wish already, to come back to this natural treasure soon again.

A day on Mantigue Island is for everybody an unforgettable and outstanding experience
Don’t miss it out!