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Why Eco?Because we love Nature!


" Because we love life and nature
but without intact nature, there is no life worth living

Therefore, we will never forget our respect
for NATURE in all we do "


During the planning phase and construction of the resort, we always made ​sure to follow our principles.

The buildings have been integrated into the landscape without changing the terrain or cutting down the trees. We have been dealing exclusively with workers and craftsmen from Camiguin and organized all construction materials right here on the island. Instead of using chemicals, the bamboo tubes were bathed for long periods in sea water, and so treated against bugs. To save energy - all rooms are equipped with a "Hotel-Smart Card System". When leaving the room, please make sure the card is removed from the special holder, then after 30 seconds all appliances switch off automatically.

Each building unit has its own 3-chamber septic tanks. By installing “a bidet spray" in all the toilets, then the immense consumption and pollution by toilet paper is dramatically reduced.

Even the coastline has been left in its natural state. The footbridge and our fantastic sun deck are built on wooden stilts and integrated in to the landscape. To protect our wonderful reef right outside the front door, even better, we applied a "Fore-Shore Lease" for an area of about 2000 square meters. We also have a "Coral Conservation Program" for breeding corals, which is very popular with the local government.

Also inside our kitchen ECO is emphasized; either with the fresh fruit and vegetables, or the meat and eggs which come directly from the organic farmers of Camiguin, or even from our own farm. Bread and pastries are baked daily and are a special delicacy.


Our goal and aim is, and it will always be:
That all eco-tours and diving trips we offer and perform are always in harmony with the environment and show a respectful treatment of the islanders from Camiguin.

Ecotourism is defined in the literature as:
“ A responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the wellbeing of local people”

In this sense WELCOME to:

Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort

Where the Vulcano meets the Ocean - A place like Paradise available on Earth